In the mid to late 1990's Minos Racing evolved as a quality demand in machine work for enhancing performance of motorcycles. It was the need for speed, and the best award winning custom built showcase motorcycles wanted. Nothing Less Period.... 


Bio-Minos Vlamakis
Specialized in building the best motorcycles from show winners to horsepower winners. Paying attention to detail, quality creating a superior end product is what I strive for. Working with the best products and hands on experience to build the best Harley Davidson motorcycles, Custom Choppers, Custom Baggers, Custom Bobbers, and V-twins. My street performance packages produce high end horsepower, which pack a punch with a smile, on and off the street. Being in the mechanical field all my life with 20 yrs of being schooled by professional race engine builders and machinists in the industry has given me the leading edge of experience that
can’t be taught any other way.

Minos Vlamakis
Minos Racing
Orland Hills, IL